Monday, February 22, 2016


Assalamualaikum & Hi ! Guess ive been take the longest time ever to give some entry ahaha so how you up lately, good? I was not in good condition since i am a senpai now hahaha & its mean i have another on another responsibility and ofcourse another on another tasks to do plus my life ada up & down more than before where i have to tolerate with more people & truly i being generous to other... Burrrr im not that such of kind people weh. Ive my own anger but lately keep it inside maaannn that was hardest.. But.. But ive learnt lotsss of things & im growing much better.. Oh ya, i joined JCE, its Japanese Culture Event where held in my college & i was one of the member Choral Speaking. It was fun weh totally fun but i went through hard time to memorise those nihongo-romaji. Well its all from me, see you later ya !

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