Sunday, May 8, 2016

Voice Out

Assalamualaikum, I just came out with this entry.

This evening mama called me asking where I am. So I thought she just wants to know why I didn’t come home this weekend. She ended up say “Okay, petang nanti mama datang”. I was shocked because mum are not someone like that and will never be like that, I guess ??? But just now she send me a 3 pieces of Kentucky Fried Chicken.. Maaann it is only 3 pieces but she has an effort to send it. In the mean time she brought my favourite FN’s Aiskrim Soda ((her favourite too)) and all of it came all way from kajang where it took half an hour to come, took RM4.40 for tol (come & go), with around 1 bar of petrol but she made it. To be exactly, mama & papa did it. It was my second time, I saw they had an effort to come & see me.

Since it is mother’s day, I would tell you one story. When I was a child, I am not an intelligent children but I was a student of first class of two classes. I was in Bijak. I love to come to mama when I finished my kindergarten but she didn’t want to layan me at all. But it is fate that I was attacked by fever where it made me lie up on bed for a few days and after I went to school I had to transferred to second class. I cried on my first day because I felt uncomfortable. This is most story I remembered about my chillhood, idk why but I knew this is something precious.

Since I was a kid, eventho I attended the same school with mum ((mum works there)) eventho every recess time I will run & find mum at her office eventho all the teachers knew that she is my mum. She never had to take my report card. She wants my father to do that. Where I always ended up waiting because papa are busy and I was annoyed. I used to take my parent’s picture and rip them into pieces and left it inside my table buuutt that was me twelve years ago. It was a very very my not matured dude believe me.

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