Thursday, May 1, 2014

sister from another mother

I always got too much idea to blogging then after i open my blog pop! it has gone! But today, because it is a special day so i decided to blogging as soon as possible.

She known as Aqilah Pajaruddin and she is my bestfriend. It started when i got no one to love then i starts to find something different and yea i met her. She was a fantastic friend with brilliant brain, spent her life just for calculating and she went through hard time to do Bahasa Malaysia's paper. While me, i put too much efforts on mathmode but easily (not so easily, i need to struggle too) scored for my Bahasa Malaysia.Oh yea! She wants to be a teacher if i'm not mistaken, mathematics teacher. She really helps me a lot in Accounting, well basically maths brain to say. She has what i don't and i have what she don't. That is how to describe both of us. What is my personality, she has opposite of it and we always you know "saling melengkapi". She always said that I look like "him" and she act like "him". If you know what i mean aha. January till forever InshaAllah, we will be a sweet couple. We did what other couple do, hug/dance/shopping/chat and it is because she is a overly-attached girlfriend of mine. We went through a few things together such as trip to zoo, share a room, love story session and etc. Recently, we had a good times together since we really has a different personality and the fact that we loved each other more than what we are expecting aha and i will never forget her words "But she was a fierce, teacher"

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