Tuesday, April 26, 2016



It’s been awhile since I post a new entry, this time I was inspired by what happened around me. It was tough. It was a busy week where we has to pass up every assignment where we has to do presentation each subjects where we need to complete the assessment and final are just around the corner.

My classmate, Amirul Asyraf sadly lost his father today. His father accident because trying to not hit a dog. It was terribled. His father entered ICU room and Arwah wokeup but then need to re-enter the ICU room again. His father went through  a hard ways to stay alive where finally his father couldn’t fight more.

My exactly post isn’t about my classmate only but generally I would to tell everyone how they should appreciate their father. I am myself not a good daughter once but I grew up in appreciating my parent & my sibling. I may had a big fight before but not in the future. Sadly hears the story brought me down where I supposedly go home this evening so I can go to appointment tomorrow with my father but I has to go with college’s driver because I got a class tonight and a fews thing distract me from not go home.

I am myself will be really down knowing I lose my dad the one & only. But I knew he’s someone who is tougher than other. The one that always obey and have a faith in Allah. I believe every action that Allah took for him are for him. It is the best for him.

My last sentences for you, Amirul Asyraf. We were close before so I knew how good boy you are. I knew you are strong like you always do. I hope you found the peace in letting your dad go. And I hope your dad will rest in peace forever & will enter the jannah. Big condolences for you, my friend…

Alfatihah for Arwah….

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